Still processing…

So much has happened in this past week. As the title states, I am still processing. I’ve learned so much in my core course week and I want to have enough time to do it justice. Here is my week in pictures. I will post later with my thoughts on my core class and discussions on race.

Friday: Thank you kebab in a box for cheering me up on a cold rainy day. That’s homework motivation for ya.

Saturday: I found these bees in a park and it made me so happy. Also, there was a party on Saturday with the RoFH and American students. The DIS students made their theme Pretentious Art Gallery. We painted pictures to put up on our dorm walls and other people used objects around the dorm to create art.

Sunday: Relaxation day. Homework and facetimed a friend. Here’s a picture of my “art.”

Monday: My core course took a field trip to the West Indian Warehouse. My teacher Mette showed us physical reminders of Denmark’s colonialism on the way to the warehouse museum. More on the museum visit later.

Amalienborg: Where the Danish Royal Family lives

Tuesday: My core course visited Nordatlantens Brygge where we went on a guided tour of the Greenlandic art exhibit.

Wednesday: My friend Anthony and I explored Roskilde. We walked to the Fjord and saw Viking ships.

I know this only skimmed the surface. I’ll provide more details later!

Vi ses!

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