Ja Mand!

If you’ve seen the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel then you will know what I’m talking about. In the movie, the Jim Carrey character challenges himself to say “yes” to everything. He goes on some fun adventures and ends up meeting Zooey Deschanel’s character in the process. I’ve been doing the same thing, to a lesser degree than Jim. So I said yes to exploring an art museum, yes to going to a concert Saturday night, yes to walking from Valby to Frederiksberg past the Copenhagen Zoo instead of taking the bus, yes to spending the afternoon with RoFH friends, and so on. So far, the “yes’s” have only brought me good experiences. This is still college and I have five classes worth of homework, but I’ve decided to let loose a little bit. When will I live in Copenhagen again? If saying “yes” led to Jim Carrey falling in love with Zooey Deschanel (their fictional characters)who wouldn’t want to follow in Jim’s footsteps? Of course, I will get all my work done too. 

Last friday, the højskole had an open mike night with music, game shows, poetry, and one risqué short story told in Danish. It’s been a wonderful experience to be surrounded by artsy people because there’s lots of inspiration for creative writing and they are cool people to hang out with.  We watched a play about digging holes together at a small theater near the højskole. Although I would never decide to go to a play as abstract as that on my own, it still opened my eyes to the many forms theater can take. 

Malls are pretty much the same everywhere.

My Creative Nonfiction Workshop class took a field study trip to the Frederiksberg Centre mall to do some involved people watching. Afterwards, we gathered at my professors house for coffee, pastries, and to read aloud our people-watching stories. 

The temperature dropped to Fall weather on September 1st accompanied by a week of rain :). I probably won’t be swimming again until next summer. On the bright side, it is now my favorite season: sweater weather. 

Lovely Danish weather for you.

Since this is a DIS official blog, I thought I should clear up some details from the previous posts. 

  1. Our DIS community advisor convinced DIS to give us free rental bikes so that we could bike back and forth from the train station. 
  2. She also got us free Tivoli tickets!
  3. Laundry is not included in the tuition. We put money into our account and use our chip to activate a machine.
  4. Professors really care about their students’ mental health. I’ve seen several instances of teachers helping students access medical services. They are also sympathetic to our culture shock. 
My beautiful, noisy bike

Hej hej!

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